Italy The Return – Part Two, The Sensations

Not long after Jenny returned from an extended visit with her family in Florida, she admitted that she had missed the “sounds of Italy.” Sounds? I found that curious. It’s undeniable that Italy is a feast for the sense … the feel of omnipresent history, the excitement of driving the Amalfi Coast. Tourists traverse oceans […]

Italy The Return – Part One, The Muse

Dear Readers: Some of you may have noticed that these pages have been abandoned lately, like fields of sunflowers left unharvested on Italian hillsides. You see that from time to time. It’s not that the field isn’t rich with the fruit of the “girasole,” and it’s not that my mind isn’t filled with the seeds […]

Does Anyone Have the Time in Italy?

Oh no. Not daylight savings time again. It’s the world’s device to make the most out of daylight, but I think it’s a dreadful little scheme to keep me in the dark. It’s just too difficult for the mathematically impaired, like me. I’m a word guy. I didn’t always feel this way. There was a […]

Italian Tarantella in My Heart

“Here begins a new life.” Those words, shamelessly stolen from Dante, were the first ones I wrote in the journal my son Dan had given me to record my transition to a new life – the sweet life – in Italy. I began that journal seven years ago in central Italy. I was done working […]