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Merry Easter from Italy

Easter in Italy has a different feel from Easter in the states. I know that sounds vague, but you know the way days feel different. Saturdays have a Saturday feel. And that feeling is different from a Sunday feel and distinctly different from a Monday feel. Mondays are easy. It has to do with alarm […]

High Mass Gone Out For An Evening Stroll in Italy

The haunting melody of 100 voices came seeping through the window of our restored apartment in a 200-year-old building. That’s the way it is. In Italy, you can be insulated from the world outside, but not isolated. When the green shutters are open, the sights, sounds and smells find their way in. And we like […]

Wildcats and tame cats in Italy

I arrived early for an eight o’clock dinner at a fun Milanese restaurant called Da Willy. Because of Milan’s un-navigable streets and peculiar ecological restrictions, it’s best when driving from my home in Como to park at a public lot outside the city and take the subway in. That’s what I did last night, giving […]

A little crazy, not a lot

Life in Italy is a little different today. Italians woke up this morning with no pope and no government. Benedict XVI left Rome for Castel Gandolfo while Prime Minister Mario Monti was cleaning out his Rome office. You already know that Benedict was the first pope to abdicate in 600 years. You may not know […]