Monthly Archives: February 2013

Italian Coffee with the Pope

   I had coffee with the pope this morning. I walked into a favorite café near the lake in Como for a typical Italian breakfast of cappuccino and a pastry. If you’ve been to Italy, you’ve probably had a “cornetta con crema.” If you haven’t, it’s a heavenly confection resembling a croissant that has been […]

Election Day in Italy – The Results

I have a saying that I repeat often while trying to do business in Italy: Every aspect of Western Civilization has been created or defined by individual Italian achievement. But when you get three Italians together in a room, they can’t agree on how to bake a pizza. So what happens when 75 percent of […]

Election Day in Italy – The Process

The process of voting in Italy isn’t nearly as colorful as the candidates, but you may find some details amusing.  For instance, you don’t vote for a candidate by name. That would be too easy … and Life in Italy may be simple, but it’s never easy.  Italians revel in making the easiest things more […]

Election Day in Italy – The Candidates

It’s election day in Italy. A national election here is part tragedy and part comedy, a fine farce seemly scripted by Dante and played by the Marx Brothers. But first some numbers: • The national election is held over two days, Sunday and Monday. • Turnout in Italy’s last national election (2008) was described as […]